Thursday, November 5, 2009

SYTYCD Recap a few days late

Noelle\Russell - Hip Hop

I thought this dance was weird. I guess the tennis rackets threw me off. It wasn't bad just different.

Ashleigh\Jacob - Viennese Waltz

I didn't think this was bad. I'm just not a ballroom fan.

Bianca\Victor - Broadway

I liked this dance. It was very energetic.

Nathan\Molly - Bollywood

I thought this one was good, but I still think Katie and Joshua's Bollywood dance is still my favorite.

Phillip\Channing - Samba

The lifts definitely weren't smooth but other than that it wasn't that bad.

Kevin\Karen - Hip Hop

I thought this one was ok. Definitely not my most favorite Tabitha and Napoleon routine.

Katherine\Legacy - Contemporary

I thought their dance was really good. Carrie said that this is the 12th time she has watched it. Lol.

Pauline\Peter - Jazz

I thought this one was ok. It was kind of weird.

Ellenore\Ryan - Argentine Tango

This was a pretty good dance.

I just realized I'm so not informative at all. Good thing I'm not a judge! I'm not a good recapper either. Oh well. Maybe no more recaps for me after this especially since two out of the three tappers are gone. Sad times!