Sunday, November 30, 2008

Frosted Window Panes

I don't think we ever have frosted window panes here. The only thing that is frosted over is the car windshield. Anyways, today at church I asked Michelle about the elf. She told me this morning the elf had moved to the bathroom. When the kids got up, they went downstairs and he wasn't where he was last night. They flipped out. They were like Dad, the elf is gone. Michelle was like Billy said well, let's go find him. They finally found him in the bathroom. She said Wyatt said that is weird. Lol. That cracks me up. Anyways, I made some cookies today with the cookie dough that I bought from Emma's school. They were so good! I would have made more but I was too impatient for the cookie dough to thaw. I'm about to laugh. I'm listening to Ellisa talk to Skipper (Andy's friend) about his girlfriend and the present he got her for Christmas. He bought her a pearl necklace. Ellisa told him that's a big gift and he's like no it's not. Anyways, tomorrow I'm going to the chiropracter and getting a massage after my appointment. Yay! My back has been killing me lately. Then I have the girls from 11:30 on. Hopefully it won't be too bad. Ryan said they are sick. Morgan should go to sleep around 12:45 so hopefully she will sleep most of the afternoon. Good for me. Who knows with Cheyenne. She is one little baby that you don't know when she will sleep.

Christmas Song of the Day: O Holy Night (only because that's what's playing on the tv)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

"A beautiful high sulfer variety of coal"

Today I went to Michelle's house to watch the football games and work on my Christmas cards. I ended up doing neither. I went with her family and the kids went to see Santa. Well, Santa almost ruined the Christmas present thing Michelle had planned. See, Michelle got a dog for the kids, but Santa told them he couldn't bring them a dog. Now she is writing a letter saying that he changed his mind and decided to drop off the dog early. The dog is at her mother-in-laws house and they want to go ahead and bring it to their house so it will get adjusted. Then we went to wal-mart where I bought an elf that Michelle could use. She keeps looking for The Elf on the Shelf book but can't find it anywhere. So I bought an elf for her to use. The book basically says that Santa sent the elf to report back to him whether or not the kids are being good. It just sits in the house and watches them, then every night goes back to the north pole to report back how the kids where. When the elf returns, he is in a different place. So you basically move him around the house. You can also have it do different things like change the toilet bowl water, etc. The kids freaked out when they came home and saw the elf. Wyatt went to the bathroom and that's when Michelle put out the elf. It was hilarious. The elf's name is Oliver. We told them the elf wouldn't move while they were watching him so they went and hid behind the Christmas tree. It was so funny! Anyways, Carrie sent me this text message of this sign that said Cowboys Welcome. I was like Carrie you should buy it for your house since I don't have a house. She said that it was already sold though :( Oh well, there is always next year.

Christmas Song of the Day: Christmas Time is Here

Friday, November 28, 2008

"It seems I'm not an elf"

I'm sitting here watching Elf and making my Christmas cards. I love Christmas. I shopped for nine and a half hours straight. Came home slept for a few hours, ate lunch, went back out to get Carrie's mail and go to Lifeway, and then came home. I was going to go to Target and Kohl's but I was just too tired. I've got a cold and my nose is constantly running. My left ear keep popping everytime I swallow. I hope I get better soon. Anyways, I got most of my Christmas shopping done. It was great. I got Wyatt a Wii game at Best Buy for $20. I looked for the Princess game I wanted to give Katie and couldn't find it. I was ticked. Anyways, I was thinking when they open my presents I wonder if they are going to say, "How did she know we were getting a Wii from Santa?" (I doubt they'll think about it like that, but you never know) Anyways, I figured out an answer just in case. I'm going to tell them that Santa told me that he was leaving them a Wii. I figured that would cover all my bases. When my sister was younger, my brother, cousin and I used to tell her we were elves. It was great. We told her we would go work at Santa's workshop. We made up all kinds of stories. I have no idea if she actually believed us. I just saw the part in Elf where he tries to hug the racoon. "I just wanted a hug!" Hilarious! Anyways, I'll be watching the girls from monday until I leave to go to Doug's commissioning and graduation. Just during the day though. Not all the time. I think I would go insane if I had them all the time. Anyways, I can't believe the month of November is almost over. I've been unemployed for two and a half months now. Crazy! I'm hoping I'll find something soon.

Christmas Song of the Day: Little St. Nick by the Beach Boys

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkey for me, Turkey for you

Today I made a lemon ice box pie for Thanksgiving dinner. It wasn't too hard. I did learn that you make meringue with egg whites, sugar and cream of tarter. Very interesting. A few days ago I learned how to make gravy from scratch. It isn't hard at all. You just save the grease from whatever your cooking (this had been porkchops) and add flour to it. Then you stir it up til it thickens and then you gradually add water making sure you don't add too much. Not hard at all. At least, describing it isn't hard. Doing it might be a different thing. Anyways, I'm currently watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade upstairs because my sister decided she wanted to watch some Taylor Swift special. Teenagers. Can't do anything with them. Lol. Anyways, we are also waiting on my brother and his crazy dog to get here. That dog is crazy. My dad calls him a horse. He's just so awkward and the poor cat just runs and hides from him, because Walker (that's the dog) wants to play with her and she's scares of him. Anyways, I'm not looking forward to my drive back to Charleston. I hate driving. Hopefully, Ellisa will drive when we go shopping at midnight (YAY!) I'm hoping I find some great deals since money is really tight for me this year. We shall see.

Christmas Song of the Day: Rockin around the Christmas Tree

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Thanksgiving Song

That Adam Sandler song cracks me up. Love to eat turkey! In honor of tomorrow being Thanksgiving, here is a link to a youtube video (not the greatest, but it has the song) Anyways, I'm hating this cold weather. It's making my skin super dry. I put lotion on my face and two minutes later I have to put more lotion on. It's crazy! I'm not looking forward to driving back to Charleston tomorrow, but I am looking forward to going shopping on friday. Anyways, didn't do much today. I got all the snowflakes made for my Christmas cards so that's one less thing I have to do, but I still have a lot left to do on those cards.

Christmas Song of the Day: Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Frosty the Snowman

I went to my mom's classroom today to help her out. Well, she had me paint snowmen on ornaments. I didn't really paint snowmen, I just added the eyes, buttons, nose, mouth, hat, arms and scarves to the hand print that was on the ornament so each finger looked like a snow man. Very time consuming. I finished though. Now my hands are all yucky though. I got to see my friend Leah's baby, JB, while I was at the school. Her mom teaches there too and she had brought JB with her when she came back from TN this past weekend so Leah could leave today right after she got off work. I've looked at some black friday ads today and I am getting more and more excited about going shopping. I still have no cluse as to what I'm buying. I played the piano today and realized how much I miss playing. I really need to find a piano to play on in Charleston. I'm sure Michelle won't mind if I come over and play hers. I haven't really had anything exciting today probably because I didn't do anything but go help my mom. I've attempted to start on my Christmas cards. We'll see how well that goes. I finally figured out how to make snowflakes. It took about a gazillion tries. No, I'm not an idiot. I want small ones that you use a punch with, but you have to insert the paper a certain way and I couldn't figure out how you were suppose to position it because you don't just put the paper in it and punch you have to position it a certain way to get what you want because I'm using a decorative square punch that Michelle had. I know, it would be easier to go out and buy a snowflake punch, but where's the fun in that. Plus, I don't need to spend any money and Michelle lending it to me is free.

Christmas Song of the Day: Christmas Time Is Here

Monday, November 24, 2008

I Drove All Night

Ok, so I didn't drive all night. Technically, I drove for 3 hours today, but I made the song work. Anyways, I hate cars, trucks, semis, you name it, I hate it. I almost got sideswiped by a semi today, because he didn't know how to merge. There was a cop in front of me. I should have let him hit me, then again, I might not be here to type this so maybe not. Then some dumb truck decided to cut in front of me on the interstate. I was in a line of cars and had passed him, then he speeds up and cuts in front of me then slows down. Then I got tailed by this truck and it was raining. If he wanted to go faster, he could've passed me. I wasn't about to get over, not after he tailed me. I need a bumper sticker that says I am not intimidated by your dumb truck. It annoys me more than anything when they get right on my bumper. It justs makes me want to go slower and tick them off. Usually I'm pretty nice about changing lanes for the car behind me as long as they don't tail me. You tail me and I won't budge. Sorry bud. Anyways, speaking of cars, I took my car in this morning to get the oil changed and tires rotated. I tell them the brakes are squeaking. He comes back and tells me my brakes had dust on them so they cleaned them off and the o-ring, valve (something), and oil pan are leaking. Great! It's $435 to fix it all. Just what I need. Something else to fix on my car. Seriously, I need to become a car mechanic or something. I would save a TON of money. Either that or I need to marry someone who knows something about cars or who is a mechanic or who is related to a mechanic. I guess I'll add that to the list.

Qualities to look for in a guy:

1. Christian (of course)
2. Cowboy (lol, only Carrie gets that one)
3. Short hair (Carrie understands this one too)
4. Must know something about cars
5. Southern or Mid-western accent would be nice too (I love that drawl)

I'm not too picky am I? Lol. I crack myself up sometimes.

I think being single sometimes causes me to go temporarily insane. A girl can dream right? Anyways, I went to the outlets today. I bought Kristopher a coat. Stupid me forgot I had a gift card to the outlets so I put it on my debit card. I'm such an idiot. It was a cute coat though. I could spend so much money in those little kids stores on clothes. I'm sure my friends love me spending money buying their kids clothes because then they don't have to. The only problem with this is I shouldn't be spending any money. I have a weakness for shopping what can I say. Someone needs to take me away from the city then maybe I'll stop. Maybe. After all, I can probably still get on the internet wherever I am. I hope. Oh, yesterday while I was at Sandie's (I can't remember if I typed this already, if I did, oops!) I saw all the animals. I want to go back and take pictures. I'm kind of excited about that. They have a calf, pony, goats, sheep, chickens and maybe something else. I'm not sure.

Christmas Song of the Day: I Want A Hippopotamaus for Christmas

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Four Christmases

I just a a scene from the movie the Four Christmases and just cracked up. They were talking about how they don't spend Christmas with their family. They tell them they are doing charity. Then one of the other guys was like you lie to your family? And Vince Vaughn's character said you can't spell families without lies. Try it. I cracked up. Just thought I'd share that.

Up On The Housetop

Ok, so I got very frustrated with the unemployment office today. I called about 100 or more times and I kept getting a busy signal. I finally got through. It was most annoying. Yesterday when I was driving back from Christmas Remembered there was this car just stopped at the entrance to the subdivision. I think they were switching drivers or something, but it reminded me of when I was in middle school and we did Chinese Fire Drills. If you don't know what that is, it's when you stop the car and everyone gets out and runs around the car and gets back in as quick as possible. We did this is middle school and switched cars with the car in front of us. However, the driver decided to lock us out and then we didn't realize that one of the guys was asleep in the back seat and so it scared us to death. It was rather funny. One day maybe I'll type out all the crazy things that happened at girl scout camps. The reason I jumped from chinese fire drills to girl scouts is my best friend, Jess, was with me at both things and I just thought about it. Jess had a baby back in September named Addie. She looks super cute from her picture (I actually haven't seen her in person). I hope to be able to go see them in Tennessee at Christmas time. I'm also hoping I get to see snow this year. We'll see. I'm super excited that I'm going home tomorrow! Yay for going home to see family! I haven't seen them since Gina's Wedding. Then only two weeks until my Christmas vacation. I've been looking forward to that for a long time. I was thinking about going on a cruise in December but I decided against that for money reasons (before I lost my job). I'm disappointed but hopefully I will get to go somewhere fun next year. I'm also hoping I find a job soon as well. We'll see.

Christmas Song of the Day: I'll Be Home for Christmas

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Santa Baby

I just got back from my friend Ellen's shower. She got some really cute things. Her nursery is decorated in ladybugs. My friend Joanna made the cake for the shower and it turned out really cute. It was a ladybug. I learned today that I do not need to skip lunch. I have the worst headache ever and I think it's because I didn't eat lunch. Oops! Needless to say, I will be trying to eat lunch from now on. Also, I learned today that it's $9.50 to go to a movie after 3. What?! That's just nuts. They say they don't make any money at the front, but someone is making money. There is another theatre in town that I think charges $4 or $5 for a movie after 4, unless they changed it. I might be frequenting that theatre from now on even though it's not as nice. Anyways, at Ellen's shower I realized I had a zit forming on the side of my nose. I'm super mad about it. I have one on my forehead in between my eyes and now one on the side of my nose. What is up with that? Oh, I was super excited yesterday to find out that I actually have a follower to my blog. I don't know who it is, possibly Gina since she comments sometimes, but thanks for reading all my crazy posts.

The other day as I was driving I had this crazy lady in a red minivan who was an Obama supporter driving behind me. She was driving sort of weird and when I looked in my rear view mirror she was talking on the phone. Go figure! Some people should not be allowed to drive while talking on the phone. She wasn't just talking on the phone. She was talking with her hands while on the phone. Her hands would come off the wheel (well, one hand, because the other hand was holding the phone) and then she would make some motion with her hand and then eventually, grab the wheel again. I was kind of glad she was behind me, because if she wrecked, at least she wouldn't hit my car.

Oh, today I got a phone call from the Honda dealership. I called thursday to make an appointment to bring my car in for an oil change. Anyways, this guy calls and tells me they are interested in buying my car because it's what they are looking for in their pre-owned dept. I was like, look, I just paid it off and I don't have a job. I can't afford to buy a new car right now so thanks, but no thanks. I thought it was pretty interesting that they actually called and wanted my car with 125,000 miles on it.

Christmas Song of the Day: All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth (in honor of Kristopher and Abi who is getting her's pulled on monday)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cry Me A River

I couldn't go to sleep last night because Kristopher was crying. I woke up to Kristopher crying. I felt so bad for him that I went in there and got him this morning. I also couldn't sleep last night because of something someone told me yesterday. It really bothered me and I just don't know what to do. I can't even talk about it on here. It's very frustrating. Anyways, Ryan called last night and said I didn't have to go over and watch the girls today. I got to sleep in a little bit. I don't know what I'm going to do today. I might just try and get some things done and start on my Christmas cards. I've got to make some candies for Ellen's baby shower tomorrow, but that won't take very long. Tonight I'm going to the holiday market and a Stingrays game. I love watching hockey as long as no one gets hurt. You wouldn't think I like the violence, but strangely enough, I do. In fact, one Christmas I was at my aunt's house and I watched rugby on her tv. I loved it! I know, very strange. Anyways, I've got a busy weekend ahead of me between baby shower, Christmas Remembered at the church, church and going to see Sandie and the baby (again) the weekend will fly by. I am only going to be working on monday next week so that's good. I'm excited to be going home for a few days and to be going shopping for Christmas next week. Yay for Christmas! If you can't tell, it's my favorite holiday. I think I've already said that before.

Christmas Song of the Day: Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Baby, Baby

Man, I'm having fun coming up with songs for my titles for my entries. Somedays I have like a gazillion ideas and other days not so much. Today was one of those not so much days. Anyways, my friend Sandie had her baby this morning at 2:1o. Her sister called me this morning to tell me that. I went by the hospital after I dropped off Morgan and Cheyenne at Child's Day Out. The baby's name is Samantha Elizabeth. She is too cute. I got to hold her for an hour. I loved looking at her face. She made some of the funniest facial expressions and at one point, she had both her arms in the air by her head. I was like look Sandie, she is saying I give up. Anyways, I'm super excited about the gift cards that were given to me today. Now I can buy Christmas presents. Yes!

Anyways, my friends Nikki and Ryan are definitely in need of some prayer with all they've been through. I've been thinking about them a lot lately. I know we all need prayer, but they've just been on my mind. Anyways, I applied for another job today. It would be a pay decrease from what I was making at Berenyi, but it's better than what I'm making now, which is nothing.

Christmas Song: Silent Night

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Money, Money, Money

If you can't tell, I seem to think in songs. Last night at bible study as we were listening to Beth Moore, she would say something it would trigger a song. I think we went through Don't Stop Believing, Gangsta's Paradise and another one, but I can't recall what it was. Oh, I left out, You Gotta Have Faith. That song always pops into my head when talking about faith. I know, I'm weird. Anyways, lately I've been stressing about money. Not that I don't have any, because I do. However, I'm worried that I won't have any in the future. Money is definitely the root of all evil. If I didn't have to worry about money, I feel like my life would be a lot easier, inside I know it won't. Why did God have to let man create money? Seriously! What good has it brought anyone? Anyways, enough about that. I'm hoping to find a job soon and hoping that the weather gets warmer. I can't stand this cold. My hair is all staticky and I hate it. I am excited that there are only 2 more days until the weekend. I have to make a diaper cake sometime. Who knows when i will accomplish that.

Christmas Song of the Day: Frosty the Snowman

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Ok, I've realized how much I dislike the cold. It makes my hair all staticky (is that a word). It makes my jeans stick to my knee high socks. (I know, I'm weird). It makes my hands all chapped. I have to put de-icer on my windshield. It's not suppose to be cold like that here in Charleston. That's why I live here. I don't like the cold. If I wanted cold, I'd move up north somewhere. Anyways, the only time I enjoy the cold is if it's snowing. I must say, I do miss the snow. I can't remember the last time I made snow angels or a snowman. It's been a long time. I kind of miss it. Maybe someday I'll drive somewhere where they have snow and I'll get to play in it like when I was a child. Someday.... I remember my mom making snow cream. Wow, I haven't had that since I was 8. It snowed a lot one winter when we lived in Tennessee so we got to make snow cream. I can't even remember what it tasted like. Those were the days. I definitely get excited if it every flurries here.

Anyways, I bought 2 Christmas presents today. One for my grandma and one for Katie. I'm going to get Katie a Wii game, but she can't open that until after she and Wyatt get their Wii on Christmas so I got her a Hannah Montana tank top as her "present" she gets to open up from me when I'm there. I'll probably give Michelle the games for Wyatt and Katie to open on Christmas. Anyways, I'm looking forward to shopping next week. We'll see how it goes. I'm hoping I exercise lots of self control. I need to be very good about that especially since I'm starting to stress about money. More on that later. Anyways, got to run and pick up the girls from Child's Day Out.

Christmas Song of the Day: Let It Snow

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas, Christmas Time is Here

I must say, I LOVE Christmas. It's my favorite holiday. I would listen to Christmas music all year round if I could get away with it. I'm kind of disappointed that I don't get to put up a tree and decorate it again. I miss that. Carrie is borrowing my tree and decorations this year so that she can buy a tree after Christmas. I think we are going to put it up and decorate it at bible study after Thanksgiving. I guess I kind of get to decorate and put up a tree even though it's not at my house. I love Christmas shopping. Well, I love shopping too. It's become a tradition for me to drive back Thanksgiving night to get up at midnight to start shopping. Two years ago, Ellisa and I went. It was when they made it a tax free weekend and the outlets first opened. We got to the outlets at midnight and it was packed. I almost passed out in the line at Bass because I was so hungry (I didn't eat dinner cause I was in the car). We went from the outlets to Waffle House so I could get some food. Waffle House is definitely an interesting place at 2 am. We saw a druggie and a drunk. We waited for him to leave and thought about calling the cops but we didn't. Then we went to Wal-mart and looked at all the crazy people sitting in the store waiting for 5 or 6 or whenever they let you start getting the "deals". It was crazy. I know, you are probably thinking well, you are crazy too, but I'm not that crazy. I won't sit in a line for something that I might or might not get. I definitely do NOT stand in line at Best Buy. Those people are just NUTS! Anyways, we bought a couple of items there that we could get without paying taxes on. Then we went to the gas station and picked up a newspaper and then sat in the mall parking lot until it opened which was probably about 10 or 15 minutes. We shopped in the mall and then sat outside Target and watched all the crazies standing in line to get in there. Those people are NUTS as well. We ate our Chick-fil-a biscuits and then walked around the mall some more. We were done by 8. It was great. Last year I went with Michelle and we went to the outlets first, but then decided to go to IHOP (less crazies there and it was across the street) and eat. Then we went back to the outlets at 2 and they were deserted. It was nice. Then we hit the mall like last year. There are some crazy people out there. Then Michelle wanted to find guitar hero for her brother so off we go to Target. I do not understand why people get buggies and head straight for the electronics section. Do they not realize they will not get anywhere? LEAVE THE BUGGY BEHIND! You get to where your trying to go a lot quicker when it's just you. Anyways, we swam through the buggies but couldn't find guitar hero, but found the guitar so we picked that up. Right after we left the electronics section we found the guitar hero that Michelle was looking for. Anyways, we were done about 7:30. This year I'm going out with Ellisa again and maybe her friend Melissa. Should be interesting. It normally is. I'm sure I will have lots to tell about that day so it gives you (if anyone actually reads this) something to look forward to.

Christmas song of the day: Run Rudolph Run

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cling to the Cross

So one of my new favorite songs is "I Cling to the Cross" by Paul Baloche. Part of it has the hymn "I have decided to Follow Jesus". That part gives me chills. "The world behind me, the cross before turning back, no turning back." I don't know why but it does. On another note, God definitely has been watching out for me. I'm constantly worrying about money and yet right now, I have more money than when I was working. I got my prescription filled for $8 and I got a new tire on my car for $8. I'm really excited about this bible study that Carrie and I are doing as well. I'm hoping that it helps to encourage me to continue to grow in my faith and to trust God through this hard time I'm going through right now.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Flat Tire

So yesterday as I was driving home from after Billy got to the house so I could leave, I noticed my car was making a weird noise. It was only while I was driving though. I didn't think to look at my car when I got home to grab my stuff to go to Carrie's. I'm driving along the interstate, talking to my friend Jody, when it starts to get really loud. THUMP, THUMP... I'm like what is going on. She's like maybe you have a flat tire. I'm thinking, no, I don't have a flat tire. I look in my mirror and I don't see anything. No sparks, nothing. I get off the interstate at the exit to go to Carrie's house. At this point, I'm in the GHETTO. I was like Jody, I'm going to stop at this church and look at my car. When I got to the church, there were people in the parking lot and I freaked so I kept driving. They, of course, were staring at the girl driving the car making the loud noise. I'm driving through this neighborhood and this lady is staring at me because my car is making this loud noise. I finally get to Carrie's house (her neighborhood is in Ghetto lite, as she likes to call it). I get out of the car and sure enough, I have a flat tire. What do I know about cars? Anyways, the next morning Carrie changed the tire for me. I, of course, took pictures. We found a nail in my tire when we (we in the figurative sense, cause I did nothing) took it off. I'm sure the people driving by thought we were nuts. I was wearing my red reindeer pajama pants and an orange tennessee t-shirt of Carrie's. Carrie was standing on the thing to loosen the lug nuts (I think that's what they are called) so that we could get them off. Anyways, we got it off and put the spare tire on. I must say I have a pretty wimpy spare tire. It looked like a bicycle tire. Then I went to Gerald's Tires. I must say, this is one of the nicest businesses I've ever gone to. They always greet you in such a nice manner and you usually get a rose on your car seat when you leave. I only had to pay $8 for a new tire because my previous tire was from there and it was covered under road hazard protection. I was like, YES! I was so worried the whole time I was there about money and God provides. Isn't it nice to know that he watches out for us?

Friday, November 14, 2008

Some things you knew and some you didn't

Well, I've been thinking and I've compiled a list of things about myself or that I want to do.

1. I freak out when people come up behind me. My whole right side of my body tenses up. It's really strange. In fact, if someone is standing too close, I get paranoid that they are going to try and come up behind me. Yah, I'm weird.

2. I love presents. I love to give them and I love to get them. I hate wrapping them.

3. I love making things.

5. I can probably count on my fingers the number of dates I've been on.

7. I'm a city girl, but I've always dreamed of living in the country.

8. I can read a book in a few hours.

9. I love to read. I can read the same book over and over again.

10. I probably own over 100 books.

11. I have some friends who call me Yodie.

12. In college, my sorority nickname was Wonder Woman.

13. I love to travel with family or friends.

14. I want to visit all 50 states.

15. I want to go to Europe.

16. I hate the cold. It should only be cold when it snows. Since it doesn't snow here, it shoudn't be cold.

17. I don't know if I've gone to the beach this summer.

18. I love going out on the boat with my friend's family.

19. I usually see a dolphin, but I can never get a picture.

20. When I see a yellow butterfly, I normally think of it as God's way of cheering me up. I use to see them in college a lot. There's a story behind that.

21. I have a problem with saying no.

22. I absolutely love Christmas.

23. I make my own Christmas cards every year.

24. This year I was in two weddings in back to back weekends. The bride always tells you, you will be able to wear that dress again, but you never do.

25. I recently lost my job and have been looking for another one. It's definitely not easy.

26. I have a fear of falling due to my cousing holding me over a waterfall when I was 5.

27. I went to Jamaica on a missions trip and I got a bad sunburn, almost fell down a waterfall, and hit on the head by a guitar.

28. I went to Peru on a missions trip and got sick, because someone pretended they were going to push me off a mountain.

29. I went to Brazil on a missions trip and saw a big spider.

30. I went to Las Vegas with my family for a week and we traveled to 4 different states.

31. I saw the Grand Canyon. (This did not help me overcome my fear of falling).

32. While riding rides at the fair, I tend to think of the worst case scenario. i.e. what happens if this chain on the swings breaks, will they stop the ride? Do I just hang on until the ride stops?

33. I worry. A LOT.

34. I tend to overanalyze things sometimes.

35. I'm not very patient, but God's trying to teach me patience.

36. Technically, I'm homeless. I have a place I live, but it's not really home because all my things are in storage.

37. I lived in Florida for a summer.

38. I've lived in all three counties in the tri-county area.

39. I've never ridden a horse. I've sat on one, but I got scared. (That was a long time ago).

40. I'm thinking if I want to find a cowboy, I might need to learn to ride a horse.

41. I love to sing, but not in front of people.

42. Sometimes I can get extremely hyper and then I get loud.

43. I'm usually quiet around people I don't know.

44. I'm definitely quiet around guys I don't know. I guess I get intimidated. Who knows.

45. You know I'm comfortable around you if I'm talkative.

46. I love to knit, although I haven't done it in awhile.

47. I love to scrapbook. I currently have 3 scrapbooks I'm working on.

48. I have two younger sisters. One is 14. The other one died at 6 months. She would be 19.

49. My sister that died is a hero. My parents donated her organs and at least 5 lives were saved.

50. I'm an organ donor.

I may add to this later, but that's it for now.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A few of my favorite things

Here are a few of my favorite things that my friends kids do:

1. Today, I loved it when Wyatt got off of the school bus and when he saw me, ran towards me and gave me a big hug. It makes me feel so special.

2. I love it when Kristopher in the morning comes up to me while I'm eating my breakfast and "begs". He'll sit in my lap and try and eat my breakfast. Too cute. Makes me laugh.

3. Katie, when I come over sometimes, usually asks, can I have a "lifesaver"? Too cute.

4. I loved it when Katie used to ask me, "Did you bring me something?" every time I came over.

5. I thought it was hilarious when Katie told me to move to Florida, then to Texas and finally the North Pole. She changed her mind quickly when I told her I would tell Santa she was being bad. She then decided she didn't want me to move at all.

6. Today, Wyatt asks me, "Yodie, are you in my family?" Too cute!

7. The other day, Katie asks, "Yodie, do you have a boyfriend?" Too which I reply no, then she says, "why not?" How do you answer that one?

8. I love that I can normally make Cheyenne smile. She is such a cute baby.

9. I love it that when I go to Kelly's house, Abi is always there to greet me with a hug.

10. I love Layni's cute little smile. She is such a cute little girl. Watch out boys! She will be a heartbreaker!

I'm looking forward to all the memories I'm going to make with all my friends kids. Since I'm not married and I don't have kids and it's not looking like I will any time soon, it helps take away the desire a little knowing that I can experience my friends kids and they love me like family. I'm also looking forward to Ellen having her baby. I can't wait to see her! She is the next one in line that I'm going to get to spoil (Hopefully I will get a job so I can spoil her). To end this, here are some pics for you to enjoy that I've found.





Job searching

I must say, searching for a job is for the birds. This is the absolute worst time to be looking for a job. I'm so frustrated. I keep applying and nothing happens. I started writing that this morning, then I got hungry and had to go pick up Nikki from her appointment so I couldn't finished. I just started crying while making my grilled cheese sandwich. I'm so tired of waiting. I just want a house, a family (well, I have a family, but you know what I mean), just to be settled somewhere. The thought keeps running through my head maybe I'm suppose to move, but then I think move where? I don't know where I would go. Part of me is like, go out west, maybe you will meet a guy out there. I don't think that's a good reason to move. I should move because that's what I feel like God is calling me to do. I don't feel like God is calling me to do anything at the moment. I think he's teaching me patience and trust right now. Two things that I need to learn, but I just can't seem to grasp yet. I'm looking forward to the day when I can move beyond this. I'm starting to worry about money. It's not like I don't have any, but still I worry. I freak out that all my stuff is going to go missing one day from the storage unit or they are going to lock it and I can't get to it. It's not like I've missed a payment or anything. I don't know where this paranoia is coming from, but it's going to drive me insane. Earlier today, when I was crying, I was like maybe I just need to pray more. I know I have gotten slack about praying. Sometimes, I just wonder what my purpose is. I think I say that a lot, but still. It's so confusing not knowing where you are going to be or how you are going to pay your bills in a couple of months. I don't even have a place that I can call home. I have a place where I sleep, but it doesn't have my things in it. It has someone else's. My things are in storage. I so want to read a book, but it's in a box in storage and I don't want to go searching for it. I already made a mess over there earlier looking for my Christmas DVDs. I hate not being able to find things. Anyways, on a more positive note, I've decided to start posting some of my favorite things about my friends kids. So look for that soon. I'm thinking I need to go do my bible study right now before I have to go get Wyatt off the bus. This study is probably just what I need. I'm doing Believing God by Beth Moore with my friend Carrie.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Some of my favorite photos

As you know, I love taking pictures. I bought a Nikon D40 back in May (when I had a job) as my birthday present to myself. I LOVE it! I will take pictures on anything. I have so many pictures of other people's kids it's unbelievable. Maybe someday I can take a photography class. Anyways, here are a few of my favorite pictures. Enjoy!

These 2 are from when I went to the Grand Canyon with my family a couple of years ago (before the nice camera). I love sunset and nature pictures. I'm not a big outdoorsy person, but I love looking at nature and just being amazed at God's creation.

This next photo is from when I was out on the boat with Jody's family. I love being on the water. I still haven't been able to get my dolphin picture yet. Maybe someday...

These 2 pictures I took when Krista had her bridal portraits. After her paid photographer was done, I took a bunch more pictures with my camera. We had lots of fun even though it was extremely hot! I think they turned out really nice.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Cowboy take me away...

So my friend Carrie turned me onto this blog, the Pioneer Woman. I must say, I LOVE it! I especially love reading about how she met her husband, who is a rancher. She was a city girl. I think a part of me wishes a cowboy would come along and sweep me off my feet and we could ride off into the sunset. Well, I think all of me wishes that. However, the realistic side of me tells myself that it would never happen, but the dreamer side of me tells me that it could. Deep down inside, I wish it would happen to. I such a romantic and a dreamer. Maybe it's because I have no life. Who really knows? I think apart of me has always wondered what it would be like to live on a ranch. Maybe it comes from my mom's side. She grew up on a cotton farm. I've really never been out west. My only experience with the west was Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Death Valley and the in between part in the car. I remember that it wasn't humid at all, which was nice. I really want to be able to see what a ranch is like. Maybe someday I'll be able to. Who knows what God has in store for me....

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I can honestly say I'm extremely disappointed with the direction our country is headed. I voted for McCain. He wouldn't have been my first choice, but to choose between him and Obama, the choice was easy. I was not caught up in all the media hype for Obama. Honestly, the guy on MSNBC that said Obama sent a shiver up his leg, that was a little too much. I mean, come on. You can have your own personal opinion as a news reporter, but it shouldn't affect your reporting. You should be unbiased in your reporting and that definitely was not the case this election. I don't want to know what celebrities are endorsing what candidates. You shouldn't use your status to influence people to vote for who you like (Oprah). You should just encourage people to vote. Enough said. There are people out there dumb enough to vote for someone just because some celebrity they like told them to. How stupid is that? You should vote for someone who stands for what you believe in. Not because of what someone says or because they will make history. Come on. Give me a break. I'm all for having an african-american (technically, he's just an american, because he was not born in africa, but whatever) president. I'm not for having a radical, socialist as a president who has little experience. I guess we'll see where he will lead us. I'm thinking a lot of the things he promised, will either not be fulfilled or will lead our country down a slippery slope. I don't believe in the spread the wealth concept and I'm the one without a job. If you take from the rich, then that will just trickle down and they will cut costs at their business in order to make ends meet especially since times are tight right now. This will cost more people their jobs, which I don't think anyone wants. It saddens me to know, that more babies will probably end up dying because Obama is president. He is pro-abortion. I also don't get how people who are for animals being treated right can be against babies being treated right. It's ok to kill a baby, but it's not ok to kill an animal. Anyways, we'll see where the country will be in four years and I'm looking forward to voting against Obama then. In the meantime, I will be praying for our troops who will probably have tough days ahead as Obama cuts the military budget. I will also be praying that we don't have any more terrorist attacks on US soil.