Friday, March 27, 2009


I can't believe that it's friday already. Time sure flies. I watched American Idol and I wasn't surprised that Michael went home. The weird guy was back to looking like his weird self. Wednesday he actually looked like a normal person. Although, I didn't really care for him singing in a falsetto voice the whole entire time. I can honestly say if he wins, I will not buy his album. The only person who I have bought an album from is Carrie Underwood. I've bought a few songs of Daughtry, Elliot Yamin, and Jordin Sparks. Anyways, Michael seems like a really classy, nice guy. He seemed to know that he was going home. I don't think Matt deserved to be in the bottom 3, but I didn't vote so I can't complain. I was kind of offended when Stevie Wonder said "I love you Obama". Seriously, I am not watching to hear who you like or don't like in politics (same goes for you Lil Rounds). I am watching to hear you sing. Keep your political views to yourself. I mean Obama already interuppted my Idol viewing because he decided to read another speech off a teleprompter. Anyways, moving on. I did some painting yesterday for Easter. I ended up with paint all over my hands, but it was fun. I enjoy painting. Maybe it's just I enjoy making things. I'm hoping to recruit a few people to go with me to the Riverdogs first game in April. It's on a thursday and they play the Rome Braves. It's Easter weekend though so I don't know who will be in town. I've been watching Regis & Kelly in the mornings and they crack me up.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Life in General

I guess it's been a little while since my last blog. I've been pretty busy doing Passion Play stuff at the church. Carrie dragged me to walk the bridge last night. My ears were stinging by the end of it and my legs felt like they were going to fall off. I think I walked around 4 miles or so. I'm looking forward to American Idol tonight. I really want Adam to suck. He'll probably do some porno sounding version of a "Let's Get It On" just because he's weird like that. Actually, he'll probably do it with bagpipes or something the extreme other way just because that's who he is. I am looking forward to the day when I don't have to watch him sing anymore. He's just creepy. I think Anoop will do really well and maybe Kris and Danny as well. Lil will probably pick a Diana Ross or Supremes song and probably be ok on it even though I don't like her either. Anyways, not much else has happened. I lead a pretty boring life.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm super excited that now I have music on my blog. If you read this in a reader, you won't get to hear it though. I know that you are extremely disappointed about that. I will try and add more songs later. I think I have about five on there.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

What a day

It is so nice outside today. I opened the windows and am listing to the Malt Shop Oldies channel on tv. Good thing the workers next door aren't there. They would have thought I was nuts earlier dancing around the kitchen and doing the hand jive. I like dancing when no one else is around. It's tons of fun. I also made some more cupcake bites. Let me tell you. The cake balls are a pain in the butt. The cupcake bites aren't too bad. My problem is with the chocolate. I couldn't get it thin enough. Oh well. Bakerella said to use paramount crystals or vegetable oil to thin it out. Maybe I'll try that some other time. The cupcake bites turned out ok. They all taste wonderful and I guess that is what's most important.

I've been struggling lately with what God wants me to do. I'm still looking for a job, but I want a job that I will enjoy. I just don't know what direction I'm suppose to go in. There are so many things that I would love to do, but I can't really commit to any of them because of job uncertainty. Anyways, I'm on twitter now. You can follow me at

On to American Idol.

I can't stand Adam Lambert. I'm sorry if you like him, but he is weird. The song that he sang on Tuesday night sounded like it should be in a porno or some sex scene in a movie. It was disgusting. I wanted to throw up. It's not that he's a bad singer. I think he could go really far, but there is something about him that I just don't like. I get bad vibes from him. Maybe he comes across as a cocky know-it-all to me. Poor Johnny Cash was probably rolling over in his grave "I'm going down in a burning ring of fire" (said in a voice of someone you would hear if you called a 900 number). That's seriously what he reminded me of. Everytime he would come on tv, I would do my own impersonation of him singing that song. I think I get better at it as time goes on. I really hope he doesn't win. I'm really sad that Alexis went home. I liked her. A lot. Oh well, at least Allison, Danny, Kris and Anoop are still in it. I didn't like Anoop last week, but I think that this week, he nailed it. Matt was pretty good this week too. The contestants I just can't stand are Lil Rounds and Adam. I like Megan, but I don't think she's the best singer. Maybe it's her quirky personality. Michael is ok. You can't help but like him. I wanted to cry when he was talking about his daughter and him not being around. That was really sad. Finally, on to Scott. What can I say? I like him, but he doesn't have the best voice. He can play the piano. I have a lot of respect for him, because it's got to be tough for him. He can't get up and move around as well as the other contestants. The order I would like for them to go home in is as follows: Adam, Lil, Scott, Michael, Megan, Matt, Anoop, Kris and I'm still torn between Danny and Allison. We shall see in the weeks to come if my opinion changes. Based on popularity, it'll probably be this: Michael, Scott, Megan, Matt, Anoop, Allison, Lil, Kris and a Danny\Adam top 2.

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Thoughts On Being Unemployed

Being unemployed is a blessing and a curse. You have lots of free time, but you can't really plan anything too far in advance because you might get a job. It's kind of annoying. However, I have managed to really save a lot. I don't spend money anymore, because I try to not go anywhere that would require me to spend money. I'm actually pretty proud of myself. I know that it might get tougher when I don't get unemployment anymore, but I'm hoping to have a job before that happens. If I don't, well, I know that God will provide, because he has provided for me before in the past. Maybe once I have a job, I can help stimulate the economy by spending more and in turn, maybe more jobs will be needed. It's a catch 22 right now. The unemployed don't want to spend money so businesses don't need as many employees which leads to more unemployed and the cycle goes on and on.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A long week

I'm so glad that it's almost friday. It's been a long week. I worked at Child's Day Out every morning this week. It was crazy. I don't mind it except for having to change nasty diapers. I hate that part. I'm looking forward to this weekend. I'm going to be scrapbooking. Yay! I'm super excited. I've thought about making cake balls (seen on, but I think I'm going to hold off and try making them next week instead. I might make chocolate chip cookies or sausage balls. We'll see.

I'm super glad that Jasmine and Jorge went home on American Idol last night. I was really pleased with that. It'll be interesting to see how the new twist will play out. I can only think of two maybe three people that the judges would save, Danny, Adam and possibly Lil (I can't stand her).

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Top 13 (Michael Jackson Night)

Ok, first off, what's up with the fancy entrance for the judges and Ryan. For real. Kara looked like she was just in awe. Carrie just told me that Ryan needed to put on the weight she has lost while she's been sick. Lol. Paula looks like a peacock. Oh wow! Two people will go home tomorrow! I knew something had to be up. I feel like doing the thriller dance while I'm watching this role of Michael Jackson clips.

Lil Rounds
"The Way You Make Me Feel"

I think her top is hideous. It's a huge piece of lace or something on the only shoulder. She's ok. I still don't like her voice. She also broke the white before easter rule. I wonder what her real name is. Randy LOVES it. Simon looks annoyed when the audience starts to boo.

Note: Paula is looking kind of old. I don't think Scott realized the camera was on him while he was rehearsing back stage.

Scott MacIntyre
"Keep the Faith"

He can play the piano! I think he's a little flat, but he's not bad. I'm not feeling the high notes. They were a little off. Simon hated it because no one knew it. He just said it's fine being artistic but not on this show. The crowd seemed to love it. I'm glad he got rid of the funky vests.

Wow! It's about 30 minutes in and only 2 people have sung. They better get on the ball.

Danny Gokey

I'm not really sure that I like this song. Paula is up and dancing. It's gotten kind of better. Maybe it's just because I'm not familiar with the song. Paula predicted him going to the finals. Simon liked the vocals.

Michael Sarver
"You're Not Alone"

Those oil riggers crack me up. I don't think he's bad, but I don't think he's great enough to win it.

Jasmine Murray
"I'll Be There"

Her nephews are so cute. She's not too bad, but I really can't root for her. Although, I like her a little bit more than Lil Rounds. She's a little off on a few of her notes. I think her outfit is kind of ugly as well.

Kris Allen
"Remember the Time"

I love the matching aprons he and his wife had. He's not bad, but I don't know this song. He has some kind of appeal that makes me like him. I don't know why. You can't help but feel bad that he and his wife have only been married for 5 months and they already have to be apart. Paula cracks me up. His wife looks like she is about to punch Simon.

Note: I keep switching over to the Biggest Loser and I'm disappointed in the black team. You would think they would know how to eat and stuff. They are going to get chewed out by Jillian.

Allison Iraheta
"Give into Me"

I really like her. I don't know if I like this song though. I'm not really into what she is wearing either, but it seems to fit her personality. Well, Paula was standing up. We know she liked it. Her voice is so different.

Anoop Desai
"Beat It"

I have a feeling he's doing thriller since he was doing the thriller dance backstage. Well, he didn't choose Thriller. This seems like a song he would choose. What's with the Matrix background. I don't think he's doing that great singing it. I agree with Paula it sounded karoake. The judges don't really seem to like it. I love how he is an indian with a southern accent. That is pretty cool.

Note: I wish I didn't have to turn the channel from Biggest Loser. Sione (I think that's who it was) was going off on Jillian. I love how Ryan is speaking as fast as he can. This Arby's commercial I just saw was disgusting. The guy was using the grease from a hamburger on his hear. Yuck!

Jorje Nunez
"Never Can Say Goodbye"

I didn't listen to him sing, because I don't really like him. I watched the Biggest Loser instead. I don't think that the judges really liked it. I'm thinking he might be going home with the way the judges are talking. However, with all of Puerto Rico voting for him who knows....

Note: Tara didn't lose any weight this week. What!

Megan Corkrey
"Rockin Robin"

Her son is so cute. That dress is UGLY! I like her voice though. I don't know how she can walk in those heals. Simon didn't like her song choice. I thought it was pretty good.

Adam Lambert
"Black & White"

I don't really like him. He does kind of remind me of Michael Jackson, though. I guess the judges liked him though. He looks like he is about to cry. Obviously, Paula loves him.

Note: I just flipped to the Biggest Loser. What is going on?!?!

Matt Giraud
" " (I have no idea what he is singing because I couldn't hear because of the stupid girls screaming)

He's not bad, but I can't understand what he is saying at all. The judges seemed ok with it.

Alexis Grace
"Dirty Diana"

You can tell that she loves her daughter. I'm not sure I like her singing this song. Again, myabe it's because I'm not familiar with it. I don't like how she has tried to make herself seem dirty because that's what the judges want. The judges didn't really talk about her too much.

I wonder what the surprise is. I want to know now! I'm not sure who I want to go home.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


I made French Toast Souffle this morning. It was pretty good. Then I helped Carrie pick up sticks in the yard while she raked. It took all of 30 minutes. Now I'm watching Transformers. Every time I watch a Dreamworks movie and at the very beginning where it does that short little intro and shows you the Dreamworks logo, it makes me think of Shrek. Krista and I watched Shrek every night our sophmore year in college when we were going to sleep. I guess I've just associated that sound with that movie. Whenever I hear it, I always want to watch Shrek. Memories... I'm really excited about going to the beach tomorrow. Carrie and I are going to go after church. It's suppose to be close to 80. I'm super excited. The only downside is that the water will probably be very cold. I love going in the water. Ok. Now I'm going to watch my movie because it's getting kind of interesting.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

American Idol Wild Card

My predictions were right on except for the third one. Jorge got through. I should've guessed that one. I'm really disappointed in the judges wild card pics. I mean, Tatiana and Von Smith? What happened to the actual singers? I'm glad that they didn't put Nick Mitchell or Normund Gentle or whatever he goes by through. That would have made me extremely angry.

Here we go....

I love how all the people on the floor are these girls. What's up with that. Tatiana just walked across the stage. I can't stand her.

Jesse Langseth sang "Tell Me Something Good"

Her outfit is kind of hideous. She's not bad, but I don't know if she will make it through. We shall see after everyone else sings. Randy seems kind of iffy about it. I love how Kara points when she said your not like those girls that are in a package. Simon seems to think that she has improved. She is trying to be nice towards Simon.

Matt Giraud sang "Who's Loving You"

I kind of like his voice. He's doing a pretty good job so far. The little teeny boppers seem to like him. He did a really good job. I'm impressed. We just saw a behind the scenes guy. Too funny. I really think Simon likes to pick on Paula. Simon thinks he has improved. He is comparing him to Taylor Hicks. I don't see that, at all. He's looking kind of nervous.

Megan Corkrey sang "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree"

She needs to work on the dance moves. She's not too bad. I think I liked her the first round. That last note was kind of weird. Paula said she was a little quirky. Simon likes her so that is good. They all liked her song choice. It looks like the judges are rooting for her to stay.

Von Smith sang "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"

He's the only one from this week that was asked back. I think he is terrible. At least that makes the choice easier now. The judges aren't seeming to feel him. He looks really nervous. Almost makes me sad for him.

Jasmine Murray sang "Reflection"

She's not bad, but I'm not overly excited about it. The judges seem to think that she did well. Simon thinks she has improved.

Ricky Braddy sang "Supersticious"

I really like his voice. Now I'm starting to feel conflicted on who I want to get through. The judges really like him except Simon. He's just weird though.

Tatiana del Toro sang "Saving All My Love For You"

She is so overdramatic. I can't stand her. She's not a bad singer, but it's her personality. It just kills it. She definitely is no Whitney Houston. She is wearing Paula's jewelry. Suck up! Paula and Simon were pointing at each other. I think they brought her along for comedic reasons. At least, I hope that's why they brought her on. This girl is crazy! It's the laugh. Ugh! She is such an airhead. This is the song she sang last time? Girl is crazy!

Note: I've eaten 8 cookies so far and some cookie dough.

Anoop Desai sang "My Prerogative"

I'm not as impressed. He is getting a little better. The audience loves him. Randy loved it. Well, all of them seemed to love him.

In the order that I think they should go through:


Judges decisions:

Jasmine - made it (I am kind of disappointed)
Ricky - didn't make it (dumb judges)
Megan - made it (thank goodness)
Tatiana - didn't make it (so glad, she is such a drama queen)
Jesse - didn't make it (almost made it into the top 12)
Von - didn't make it
Matt - made it (What ?!?!)
Anoop - made it (I knew it was going to be a top 13, ok, maybe I didn't, but I heard rumors)

I'm pretty pleased with all the choices except for Jasmine. I like her better than Lil Rounds though.

I'm looking forward to next week.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

American Idol Top 36 (Tues) Part 3

I know you missed my summary last week so here I am blogging again while eating cookie dough (great stuff)!

Note: Ryan is looking a little more casual today and what is up with Randy's sweater vest thing?

Von Smith is sang "You're All I Need To Get By

So far, I'm not feeling it. He's gotten a little better but at some parts he's a little screamy. His facial expressions were cracking me up. Boy, his family is sure jumpy. Well, so far the judges seem to like him.

Note: Just noticed Randy was wearing a sweater, not a sweater vest. Oops, but what is with the necklace he is wearing. I'm going to have a tummy ache if I keep eating this cookie dough.

Commercial Note: I kind of want to see that Witch Mountain movie. I like the Rock (Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?).

I think I hear Carrie outside. Oh wait, that was just the CARTA bus.

Taylor Vaifauna (that's a pretty funky spelled last name) sang "If I Ain't Got You"

I'm feeling she's overstepping with the song choice, but we'll see. What is she wearing? I can't understand what she is saying. She's not a bad singer, but I'm thinking that there are a lot of better singers out there than her. She's definitely no Alicia Keyes. Why is she crying? Is it the teenage hormones? Oooooohhhhhhhhh. Paula called her out on reusing a song she had already song. Randy almost got left out.

Note: I love how Ryan rushes through what he has to say. We really don't want to hear it, but I guess he is obligated to say it.

Alex Wagner-Trugman sang "I Guess That's Why They Call It The Blues"

He is kind of nervous. I kind of feel bad for him. He's not that bad of a singer. I don't know if he will make it to the top 12 because a lot of the guys are good. Randy seems to like him. He was nodding along to him. His dad looks a lot older than his mom. He still looks nervous even after he's done. The crowd seems to like him. I guess, Randy didn't like it.

Note: I'm multi-tasking. Talking to my friend Stacy and blogging about American Idol. I'm good.

Arianna Afsar sang "The Winner Takes It All"

Ew! Her voice is kind of off key. She should have picked a more upbeat song. The judges don't seem really thrilled with it.

Ju'Not Joyner sang "Hey There Delilah"

He's sang this song before. It's kind of slow. I liked the way he sang this song better in Hollywood. The judges seem to like him.

Note: I am surrounded by idiots in this area of town. They do not know how to cross the street. I almost hit some dude on a bicycle who was going across the street and then decided to go back across the street with some dude who was jaywalking. I swear, they want to be hit.

Kristin McNamara sang "Give Me One Reason"

I like her. I've liked her since Hollywood week. I think she can sing pretty well. Second Kelly Clarkson comparison. Her teeth are pretty white compared to everyone else's. I've noticed that. The judges were kind of mixed on her.

Nathaniel Marshall sang "I Would Do Anything For Love"

This guy just cracks me up. He's not terrible, but he's definitely not the best. I am very distracted with all the piercings and tattoos. He got rid of his nose ring. He is sitting on Paula's lap and gave Simon his headband.

Note: I had to pause it because my dad called. Someone has a loud stereo or it's Carrie driving down the alley. We'll see. I wasn't Carrie because the door hasn't opened.

Felicia Barton (the girl who replaced the girl that got kicked out) sang "No One"

Another Alicia Keyes song. She's a lot better than Taylor. I don't really like the ending. It ended very suddenly. Paula likes her. I thought she did really well. The judges seem to like her.

Scott Macintyre sang "Mandolin Rain"

I've never heard this song before. What is with the vest he is wearing? He's a pretty good singer. Some of the notes are kind of a stretch for his range. I hope he doesn't step forward anymore. It kind of makes me nervous. I don't want him to walk off the edge of the stage. The crowd likes him. Well, the judges seem to like him. Simon is confusing me with the he didn't like some of the lyrics. The dude didn't write the song. Anyways, he seems a little nervous towards the end.

Note: There are way too many commercial breaks. I'm starting to get antsy. I did not know that Charleston had a fashion week.

Kendall Beard sang "This One's For The Girls"

So far she's not that bad. Ok, the chorus sounds bad. Maybe it's the background singers. What is she wearing? She has a flowery belt. It's hideous. She got kind of rocky towards the end of her song. Paula likes her outfit. I don't.

Jorge Nunez sang "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me"

He has a pretty nice voice. There is something about him that I just don't like though. He sang it pretty on key and Paula really liked him.

Note: I keep switching over to the Biggest Loser. I'm trying to figure out what exactly is going on, because it's not the normal weigh-in. I get grossed out looking at Ron and his fat. Ok, so I figured it out. They all have to lose as a group more than 77 pounds in order for no one to go home. Ok, I just watched 4 people weigh in and switched back to idol and didn't miss a thing.

Lil Rounds sang "Can't Be Without You"

I haven't been a fan of hers. Not a fan of the song or her. She's not a bad singer just not my type of music. The crowd likes her. Simon likes her too calling it his favorite performance.

Top Male: Scott McIntyre

Top Female: Lil Rounds (Mainly because she was in the pimp slot, but I don't like her)

Other: Nathaniel, Kristin, Felicia, Ju'Not (I'm hoping one of thos two girls is the top female)

Note: Maybe that is Carrie. I thought I heard a car on the alley. I'm ticked that the Biggest Loser is a two-parter. What's up with that?


I finished my taxes awhile ago, but I needed to get the printer to print right before I filed them. Well, I decided that today was a good day to do it. I finally got the printer printing normally. Then I go to file and I keep getting errors on my South Carolina Return. One was my fault but the other one it kept saying my city name exceeded the number of characters allowed. I live in North Charleston. That's the name of the city, but it wanted me to shorten it to 14 characters. Finally, I'd had enough and have decided to mail it in. Needless to say, I am quite annoyed. Now I have to figure out what documents I have to mail in with my state return and go and pay to mail it in. On top of that, I couldn't find my stapler. It used to be in this box, but it's not there. I hate moving. I can never find anything. It drives me crazy. Anyways, not that it's 11:30, I should probably go and get ready since I have to leave to pick up Katie in an hour from Child's Day Out.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Last night I had this dream. I was asleep on the couch and I see this spider dangling from the ceiling. It's huge and it's right above me. There were other spiders hanging from the ceiling but I was concetrating on the one above me. I started panicking and then I hear Carrie calling my name over and over again. She's like what's wrong and I'm like spider! She turns on the light and there is no spider, but it sure was a real dream to me. Anyways, I was just watching Overhaulin and I started to tear up. Only I would tear up watching Overhaulin. I mean, it's a car. It's not like it's a house for someone who has lost their house or anything. On another note, I called the dentist today and it's going to cost me $95 for my appointment in a few weeks. Kind of depressing, but I guess that's what happens when you have no insurance.